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Fire Extinguishers

Here's Why this Fire Safety and Management Training Course is best for you:

  • Easy, convenient, low cost, online training
  • Meets legislative requirements in all states and territories of Australia
  • Nationally accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
  • Pay by corporate account or credit cards online
  • Only $15 AUD
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Meets National Requirements









On the successful completion of this program you will be issued with a record of your participation. A copy of this record must be given to your employer for their files. As per the legislation, you should then be given orientation to your building-specific fire and emergency procedures including; the location of first response fire fighting equipment, manual alarm points, fire stairs and the evacuation assembly point. It is also expected that you will participate in a building evacuation drill on an annual basis.

As an occupant or owner of a building it is mandatory by law to ensure the safety of every person in that building in case of a fire or emergency situation. This program must be completed every 12 months to remain compliant with the National Building Code of Australia as well as State Statutory requirements.

Note: Fire Safety Training content is also included in our Construction Induction White Card Course – click here for more info.

States in Australia

         This course has been peer reviewed by the Government Fire Regulator. In conjunction with practical training from your fire warden It complies with the Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008