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Fire Extinguishers

Here's Why this Fire Safety and Management Training Course is best for you:

  • Easy, convenient, low cost, online training
  • Meets legislative requirements in all states and territories of Australia
  • Nationally accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
  • Pay by corporate account or credit cards online
  • Only $15 AUD
  • NOW iPhone and iPad Compatible

Meets National Requirements









On the successful completion of this program you will be issued with a record of your participation. A copy of this record must be given to your employer for their files. As per the legislation, you should then be given orientation to your building-specific fire and emergency procedures including; the location of first response fire fighting equipment, manual alarm points, fire stairs and the evacuation assembly point. It is also expected that you will participate in a building evacuation drill on an annual basis.

As an occupant or owner of a building it is mandatory by law to ensure the safety of every person in that building in case of a fire or emergency situation. This program must be completed every 12 months to remain compliant with the National Building Code of Australia as well as State Statutory requirements.

Note: Fire Safety Training content is also included in our Construction Induction White Card Course – click here for more info.

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  • Fantastic service, excellent communication by Lydia every step of the way. I would highly recommend this company without hesitation.

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    A great way to acquire skills and certificates from the comfort of your own home, in your own time.

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    Lovely staff and didn't try to rush. Helped make the phone call not stressful

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  • The online course was laid out in a way to make it easy to understand and to able to worked through at your pace.

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    A professional Company with a good attitude making well with in your grasp to achieve a good result.

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  • A thorough RSA education, at your own pace and trainers a phone call or email away .

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    Great course, thorough and detailed content.

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    Very good RSA training

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  • This is one of the best sites to do RSA on - highly recommend

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    Did my RSA course - although it took some time to complete, the assessors gave great feedback and the course was easy to navigate

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    The Qld RSA Course was an online course that was well paced, covered all the necessary information required and at a reasonable price. The assessments were done via the pc... read more

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    I did the food safety certificate as a requirement, and i was absolutely impressed with the professionalism, the training, the assessors/educators, the price and the support i received. thanks very... read more

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    Very good for improving your existing knowledge and understanding of NHVR logbook requirements

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    Good course

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  • Definitely worth $20 and meets the NT requirements for the RSA certificate. A few IT issues with the power point presentations which I have reported. Nonetheless, I would recommend Urban... read more

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    I found it more convenient and topic based. No need to attend classes as you will get all the content online. Thank you Urban E-Learning.

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         This course has been peer reviewed by the Government Fire Regulator. In conjunction with practical training from your fire warden It complies with the Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008